Road Traffic analyzer
Road Traffic analyzer

There is the full description of product in the table below and a video demo of software execution are shown at the bottom of page.

road traffic analyzer software

Counting vehicle traffic and analyzing their condition on highways, intercity routes and tolls can help control traffic and make management decisions.

Analysis of the number, size and speed of vehicles crossing the road is used to better manage the roads. This system is the basis of intelligent transportation system (ITS).

Vehicle counter software provides information to the user such as the number of passing vehicles, average speeds, distances between vehicles and classification of vehicles.

Recognize the speed, size, number of vehicles and their direction crossing the lanes

Vehicle sizes can be classified into the following categories :

Class 1: private car
Class 2: Trucks and small trucks and minibuses
Class 3: Ordinary trucks less than 10 meters and three-axle
Class 4: Bus
Class 5: Trailers and loaders above three axles

Speed range detectable by the system: 5 to 300 km/h

The road traffic analyzer system is base on image processing that capable of processing movies and ip-camera.

Software features

The system is image and video processing using new techniques in artificial intelligence such as neural networks and deep learning, which has been able to detect and track vehicles with the challenges that exist in these systems in appropriate accuracy and speed.
There are challenges like lighting conditions and weather (rainy, cloudy) and different seasons and shadows and the proximity of cars to each other in heavy traffic.

Software platform

Currently, the software is under Windows (C++, qt), but it is cross-platform which have ability to use under Linux and Raspberry Pi.

It is possible to customize the product according to your wishes, for example, to record statistics in your databases on a remote or local server and various reports.

Videos of software demo are shown at the bottom of page and contact us to test the software in the real environment although possible to send me a video file for processing.

The speed and accuracy of software execution is adjustable and can be run on low to high power hardware. The stronger hardware give the more accurate rate.

The best place for the camera is above 8 meters and also the angle of the camera is perpendicular to the road.

Sample software videos

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