Face recognition studio
Face recognition studio

There is the full description of product in the table below and a video demo of software execution are shown at the bottom of page.

Detect, identify and track faces in movies

One of the applications of face recognition studio is to recognize people’s faces and track them in recorded videos by CCTV camera.

Due to the difficulty or impossibility of statistical analysis of cases in which the number of videos is high, this software can be very useful. Software features include the following:

1- Registering the faces of special people in the software

2- Finding the faces of known or unknown people in the film

3- View the statistics of all the people discovered along with the times of their presence in the film

4- Ability to process multiple movies simultaneously and fast


1- Registering the known people in residential complexes

2- Traffic control or the presence of employees in different departments in companies and organizations

3- Capturing people’s faces in security cameras at long time or months instead of storing heavy movies for a limited time

face verification

face identification

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