About me

About me

I officially started programming by doing projects for companies in 2006. I graduated with a master's degree in software engineering in 2011 and fell in love with the machine vision and computer vision and artificial intelligence, and since then I have been working professionally in this fields: Image and video processing and camera with
C ++, Qt, Python, C #, Java

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ماشین بینایی پردازش تصویر و ویدئو

Today’s world is a world of robotics and mechanization and automation as much as possible. Machines and computers are replacing human and manual work day by day. One of the most important technologies that contribute to this process is the science of machine vision and computer vision.

Machine vision and artificial intelligence try to teach machines and computers the power of human vision and visual perception of the environment so that they can see and understand the world.

Machine vision using robots and cameras has penetrated in the most areas and revolutionized processes and made works easier: in industry, agriculture, and factories (product quality control and robot operations); Medicine (telemedicine, medical imaging), astronomy & astronautics, military & police, meteorology, geology, self-driving cars

To order our products or computer vision applications, the direct your request to my

Road Traffic analyzer

Vehicle counting & tracking & classification, measuring size & speed

(OMR)Optical Mark Recognition

Designing a questionnaire and survey form and analyzing the answers automatically from a scan or photo

Face recognition studio

Real-time face detection & recognition & tracking & identification & verification on live cameras or video

CCTV camera management studio

Recording and processing video from multiple Ip-camera to detect special objects or event

Utility and services application

NIST Editor

NIST file viewer and creator

Compress photo

Online and Fast and convenient image compression of your website images

Improve performance of process

Strategies to improve speed and performance of your process

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