Improve performance of process
Improve Application Performance

Improve Application Performance

In big data processing the efficiency or performance of processes is very important. Speed and accuracy of the processes plays a key role. We should carefully analyze and detecting bottlenecks of system then try to improve performance of application.

Analyze the system process and provide a suitable solution:

1- Designing and implementing a proposed solution to improve the efficiency of processes by making changes in existing code or writing new code.

2- It is also possible to provide a suitable solution through counseling

In the first method, full payment of the fee is subject to the improvement of the process speed.

Process improvement is done with the help of hardware or software techniques, which sometimes require fundamental changes in algorithms or the whole process, and sometimes is possible with minor changes.

Unreasonable expectation of improved process performance is not acceptable, in some systems due to the nature of the process it is not possible to improve.

In graphics and image processing systems, there is a possibility of improvement by changing the processes in order to run on the graphics card, which requires the provision of a graphics card or GPU.

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